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NCC Group (LSE: NCC) is an information assurance firm headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom. Its service areas cover software escrow and verification, cyber security consulting and managed services. NCC Group claims over 15,000 clients worldwide. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


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Current Employee - Senior Security Consultant says

"- Pay Even though this has been our best year financially, our CEO and upper management decided to not give out any promotions because of "COVID". It's a total cop-out and they are more worried about the investors than the employees. Several of our best employees have been leaving NCC Group because other companies are paying better and their CEO actually cares about the company, not about just the investors."

Former Employee - Security Consultant says

"Leadership has no clue about cyber security. Decisions are pure subjective and leadership communicates personal and sensitive matters to other subordinates. No confidentiality. Complete drama. This is the Austin Office. If you’re a “yes man”, you’ll be okay. This company practiced discrimination to one individual from my observation. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were subjected to an EEOC lawsuit. High turnover as well. They hire the wrong people, the intelligent people do not stay long."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Complete toxic environment. The Atlanta office is being managed by individuals who have no experience in leadership. They have a narcissist as one of the leaders, another who has never been accountable, and one who condones favoritism. There is no career path, no one knows what they are doing. The work environment is highly unprofessional and immature, and most people gossip heavily about others."


"Poor management, not surrounded by intelligent people, at least my manager wasn’t the brightest person. Worst mistake of my life to work here. Hoping to quit within the next month."

Former Employee - Security Consultant says

"A magnificent combination of terrible management, slacker-tastic coworkers, and poor facilities. Expect a lack of recognition for doing all the work the slackers don’t. Things get old real fast especially when you're doing the same tasks over and over again."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

" won't be rewarded for it. The time for independent thinking is over: The culture has transitioned from smart folks being appreciated to getting ahead if you look, dress, talk, act the part, and know now to be obsequious. Speaking truth to power isn't acceptable anymore. Top level folks are in serious denial. The rank and file are all sensitive to large number of staffers, especially long-timers and senior folks leaving in a short period of time. Unfortunately, unless root problems are addressed, the exodus will continue. Morale is low for the company but enthusiasm regarding technical project work remains stable. Pay is on the low-side so the hires in non-tech positions are not the cream of the crop; this means that work problem-solving experience and general business savvy is low."

Current Employee - Account Executive says

"Office Culture like a Nerd Sorority and if you don't fit in they will fire you. The Atlanta office is run by the original sales reps from the previous company, Escrow Associates. They want everything to be the same and hates new UK NCC Group, and San Fran Office. I feel that the attitudes of the higher ups in Atlanta are bitter, conniving, former employees from Escrow Associates that have been there forever and hate change. If these veterans don't like you, you might as well leave. Old and horrible tools such as archaic CRM system and no cloud based solutions. Cant even access email out of the office or on phone which is detrimental when trying to talk to clients from all around the world."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"senior management is poor, they run it like a sweat shop, plus one of the senior managers eats a lot, and takes all of the food out of the fridge for himself and leaves us the crumbs."

Current Employee - says

"Directors only seem to care about themselves. Zero training, no leads. On your own. Work on caring about the work environment and values"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Poor management made the working environment toxic. Team members were not allowed to collaborate making it a very stressful. Office moral was extremely low making it very difficult to be successful and exceed."

IT Service Desk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Even though I enjoyed my time there and learned a whole lot, the environment and people made it very difficult and this job has caused me a lot of stress.Monthly incomeunfair treatment of certain colleagues"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"I can't believe they are still in business. They way they treat their employees and the way they do business in general with the acquisition based on loans they get from banks is ridiculous, this was clearly reflected in the latest stock prices going from 340 pounds to 170 pounds within a day!"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Imagine a call centre in India? you have?...the only difference is that it's based in the UK, add a bit slavery from the middle ages and pinch office politics and you got yourself a ****-hole that no free person in their sane mind would choose to work for!free parkingslavery, rude unexperienced managers who think they are awesome, office politics, and snitching...etc"

Senior Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"High levels of management bullying. Expect to be just another cog worked to the ground, only a few are genuinely rewarded. the rest are cattle. Like anything in life, it is down to you whether you wish to work there but from my experience working there over a decade, i would advise any prospective job seeker to harden their already tough sales skin and play the best game of your life if you really want shot as one of the few select who are absolutely making a killing working there, just dont be one of the cattle."

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"This place is truly horrific the management is absolutely appalling. There is no job security and if your face does not fit do not expect to hold onto your job"

consultant (Former Employee) says

"I have never seen a company that treats their staff so poorly. Their consultants have no support and are expected to perform miracles. There is no support of consulting work being done and people are left to crash and burn. The quality of the output is poor"

Director of Domain Services (Current Employee) says

"Being based in North America, we were not privy to a lot of pertinent support that would have been necessary to succeed. Their escrow and Assurance teams are great... but we were an under unfunded start up with no support.good paynot a cohesive team"

Trainee Junior Test Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Signature Living - 18 reviews - Liverpool This role is creative, fast-paced and diverse, working closely with web developers, graphic designers, the social media team and property managers to ensure the..."

Work independently as a security consultant (Current Employee) says

"NCC group offers you a good opportunity to work but only in specific sectors. However it failed to keep its promise of career opportunities and development due to lack of work and opportunities. For the few opportunities I had, it helped me develop my confidence and interaction skills with the client. The hardest part of the job is to get a job. I was mostly without work during my tenure at NCC and was asked to develop tools for internal use.Flexibility to work from homeLack of suitable work."

Service Desk Support Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Poorly organised,little training, no benefits, poor pension, bad holidays, no flexible working. High staff turnover..................................."

Cyber Security Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"They have a good product set and had a good team, however the poor management of the SMT and continuous unnecessary changes lead to good people leaving."

Security Consultant (Former Employee) says

"They don't care about employee retention, they don't care about diversity and inclusion (but are happy to parade out the few women on staff in a show of D&I), it's a mill. Get in, spend a year there, get out, use that to get a better job."

Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Tech environment with finance department sprinkled in. My manager was not very communicative and left me alone to figure out my assignments without much guidance."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company is good, just the management and structure was non existent. Managing staff the same from experienced to non experienced sales people. Very easy to feel like an outsider and not connect with anyone."

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"NCC group was a fine company to work for. The challenge comes with advancement in the company. The organization does not adhere to their own promotion standards and advancements are always very subjective.The coworkers are fantastic and best in the field.Management justifies problems rather than investigating solutions."

Principal Security Consultant (Current Employee) says

"The company has wicked smart folks, and a fantastic research program. If you're looking to get started as a pen tester, this is a great place to quickly ramp up your skills while working on interesting projects. Unfortunately, as the UK culture starts taking over, and US management gets left out of decision making processes, the overall culture is shifting from cool and edgy, to stodgy and "corporate", which isn't necessarily bad, but is definitely different than it has been."

Verification Officer (Former Employee) says

"The job was great and my colleagues were also great, but sometimes it felt like there was a lack of respect for the job we were all doing from direct management, which was the life blood of the business."

Interim Management Accountant (Former Employee) says

"A very professional, dynamic, acquisitive organisation. With several major clients it is destined to be a leader in the field of cyber security. Definitely a company to watch.."

Service Manager (Current Employee) says

"NCC group was a fine company to work for. Unfortunately the division I worked for was acquired another company who restructured the business and made roles redundant."